ADAM 3XL : A Wonderful Answer to Obesity

Adam 3XL is a fascinating story about basketball, love and friendship... and the answer to obesity. Adam, a basketball player, struggles to overcome his personal crisis that caused him to gain weight and lose sight of his goals and dreams. This novel appeals to young people or anyone concerned with a healthy life and sustainable weight loss as it conveys an emotionally engaging, positive message about health and happiness. By encouraging readers to identify with the hero, it empowers them for personal change.


Adam 3XL is a wonderful story about basketball, love and friendship... and the answer to obesity. Adam, a star high-school basketball player, stops exercising and packs on the pounds after losing both of his parents. The typical teenage fast-food diet and various medications quickly lead to a health crisis that ends his dreams of college basketball. Adam eventually finds work at a bookstore and struggles to create a new life for himself despite his obesity.   

When a beautiful young woman asks his advice in finding a book, Adam resolves to win her affection - quite a challenge for a man who now weighs more than 335 pounds. Although they spend happy hours together, Sarah moves away to be with another man. Adam becomes depressed and ultimately suffers a heart attack despite his youth. 

During the life-saving treatment, the former athlete dreams of making the winning shot at the buzzer in the big game. Then Adam wakes up to the sobering reality of his ruined health. But there is still hope for his life. With the help of Dr. Grant's simple dietary rules and food-combination chart, Adam begins to recover from syndrome X (overweight with diabetes mellitus, often linked with high blood pressure and lipid metabolic disorder).  

Adam also finds a friend in Joseph, a devoted basketball fan, who gets him back to basketball again. Overcoming his fear that he will only shoot hoops in his dreams from now on, the young man is inspired to give it a try. The road to recovery may be long and steep, but Adam becomes a hero in his efforts to regain his health and fitness while shedding excessive pounds. 

Will Adam find true love? Will he realize his long-lost dream of playing basketball again? 

With its emotionally engaging, positive message about following your dreams, Adam 3XL will definitely appeal to young people. Anyone interested in a healthier lifestyle, sustainable weight loss, and tools for personal change will also be encouraged and empowered by this inspiring novel.

Written by general practitioner Dr. Martin Noelke, this work of fiction includes easily understandable guidelines for anyone desiring better health and sustainable weight loss.