ADAM 3XL : A Wonderful Answer to Obesity

Adam 3XL is a fascinating story about basketball, love and friendship... and the answer to obesity. Adam, a basketball player, struggles to overcome his personal crisis that caused him to gain weight and lose sight of his goals and dreams. This novel appeals to young people or anyone concerned with a healthy life and sustainable weight loss as it conveys an emotionally engaging, positive message about health and happiness. By encouraging readers to identify with the hero, it empowers them for personal change.
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Adam 3XL: An Answer to Obesity

Doctor and Nutrition Specialist Encourages Youth to Change

Germany - Adam 3XL (published by Trafford) by Dr. Martin Noelke is a novel about basketball, love, friendship ... and some nutritional guidelines for weight reduction in the long run. It's the story of a one-time high school basketball all-star who stops exercising and packs on the pounds after losing both of his parents. Dr. Noelke infuses his expertise as a general practitioner and nutrition specialist into the story to send a message to today's youth about health.


For Adam, the typical teenage fast-food and a personal crisis quickly lead to obesity and health problems that end his dreams of college basketball. Adam struggles to create a new life for himself and accomplishes a turnaround and recovery from obesity by following a few simple, proven health principles.  

Adam 3XL addresses young people or anyone with a weight problem. With its engaging, positive message about following aims and dreams, this novel will appeal to young people. However, any reader interested in a healthier lifestyle, sustainable weight loss, and tools for personal change will also be encouraged and empowered by this novel.  

That night, Adam had an unusual dream: He was playing in a gigantic stadium. It was the last qualifying game before the championship. They were two points behind. With a few seconds left, the power forward passed the ball to him. Adam pump-faked the opponent's center and finished with a three-pointer. The game was over. They had won. Adam woke up. 

About the Author 

Martin Noelke, M.D. is a general practitioner and nutritional specialist with more than twenty years of professional experience. His focus is the prevention and therapy of civilization diseases. He has published two popular scientific books and presents talks and seminars on nutrition.  

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