ADAM 3XL : A Wonderful Answer to Obesity

Adam 3XL is a fascinating story about basketball, love and friendship... and the answer to obesity. Adam, a basketball player, struggles to overcome his personal crisis that caused him to gain weight and lose sight of his goals and dreams. This novel appeals to young people or anyone concerned with a healthy life and sustainable weight loss as it conveys an emotionally engaging, positive message about health and happiness. By encouraging readers to identify with the hero, it empowers them for personal change.


1. What is the setting of your book?


Adam 3XL is set in a Midwestern American town where the main character, a former high-school basketball player, works at a book store while battling his health and weight problems.



2. Who are the main characters, what are their relationships and how are they influenced by the setting?


Sam - a former athlete and basketball player - is Adam's father. Adam falls in love with Sarah, but she moves away and then returns again.

Joseph, a male nurse and Adam's devoted fan during his years as a basketball player, becomes his best friend. Joseph sends Adam to Dr. Grant and later persuades him to play basketball again.

Dr. Grant, Joseph's long-time friend, treats Adam using a very natural approach with his principles of diet and exercise. These principles allow Adam to lose weight and keep it off.



3. What are the dominant themes of your book? How do they tie in with the main characters?


Adam is a true hero as he fights his way out of depression and disease. Despite being overweight, he turns into a winner in the end.

The importance of a good education and the wonderful world of books are emphasized by Sam, who also introduces his son to basketball at an early age.

Joseph, Adam's greatest fan, embodies the value of basketball as a fascinating sport, in addition to the principles of helpfulness and true friendship.

Adam learns about first love and the art of flirting from Sarah.

Dr. Grant represents the highest standards of the medical profession, coupled with profound knowledge, wisdom, and humanity.


4. Why do you think that this book will appeal to readers?


This book is the literary answer to one of Western civilization's overwhelming problems - obesity with all of its consequences for the individual and the society.



5. Who is your target audience?


This book addresses young people or anyone with a weight problem. Despite one German reviewer's opinion that the target group is men between 40 and 50, I wrote the novel for overweight young people.



6. What information do you wish readers to come away from your book with?


The communication of scientific facts is apparently not very effective when it comes to helping people lose weight and keep if off. But if you tell them a story in which they see themselves - where they can identify with the protagonist and share in his dreams, a story that ultimately leads to a happy ending - then you can reach them in their heart of hearts. Then they want to change. And then they will change.




Personal Information



1. Where were you born and where did you grow up?


I was born and grew up in Ludenscheid, which is located in a hilly region of Germany that has beautiful forests but too much rain.



2. Where did you go to school and what did you study there? Did you participate in any extracurricular activities?


I went to a gymnasium, which is a German academic high school, in Ludenscheid. I participated in extracurricular activities such as the choir, the orchestra as a violinist, and the competitive swimming team.



3. What influence did your schooling have on your writing?


I had an excellent German teacher who guided me in the world of literature and poetry.



4. What do you do in your free time?


I read books, enjoy riding my bicycle, and ... write, write, write.



5. What do you do for a living and how did you arrive there? 


I studied medicine and became a doctor in the German countryside, which is the greatest profession on earth - besides being a writer.



6. What is your marital and family status?


I have been married to Hella Walb-Noelke for many years. We have a family with three children: Kathrin, who is becoming a nutritional specialist; Clemens, who is completing a PhD in sociology; and Christiane, who is becoming a medical doctor and currently working in Tanzania.



7. Where do you reside? How did you end up there?


When I was a student, I briefly worked at a small clinic owned by Dr. Walb in Homberg/Ohm, Germany. This is where I met his daughter Hella, who was already a medical doctor. I decided to stay and Dr. Walb is now my father-in-law.



8. Have you written any other books? If so, what?


I have written two nutritional guides in German:


Mit weniger Kalorien laenger satt
(Satisfied for longer with fewer calories)


Abnehmen durch Trennkost - ein aerztlicher Ratgeber
(Weight loss by food combination - a doctor's guide)



9. Do you have a website?
(German-language website about food combining and weight loss)


10. If you have written any other books previously and how does your current book relate and or differ from previous works?


Adam 3XL is a novel. My previous books are non-fiction guides to nutrition, diet, and weight reduction.



11. Describe your greatest achievement thus far aside from this book.


Despite the current major economic crisis, I recently finished building a lovely new retirement home for 65 older patients on the basis of private financing. This was quite difficult to accomplish!



12. What are your goals for the future?


1. Organize a race across America with people who are 3XL.

2. Complete a book on nutritional treatment and complementary therapy for metastatic cancer.

3. Write, write, write ...